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Brazing products for Diamond Tools Industry

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HYP729 is an internationally patented alloy, for joining hard metal components and sintered elements with base elements such as iron and steel. The product is especially suitable for the cutting tools sector, as an alternative to the more common alloy EN1044 AG502 (Ag 49%), used mainly in the diamond tools sector.


HYP729 is an innovative material thanks to its limited content of Silver (Ag 29%), in comparison to traditional brazing alloys used in the industrial sector of reference – yet it maintains excellent performance standards. This also allows to achieve a significant cost reduction and at the same time to be less affected by the fluctuations of the metal.

Advantages of Hyperal:

  • Excellent flowability;
  • Excellent wettability, capillarity and adhesion conditions during melting;
  • Versatility (wide range of diamond tools, at different melting temperatures);
  • Excellent mechanical strength;
  • Total stability of the alloy;
  • Lower price in comparison to 49% Ag alloy.

Hyperal strenght

HYP729 contains a series of alloying elements that regulate and modify its behaviour at temperature, thus ensuring the best conditions of wettability, capillarity and adhesion during the melting of the material. The presence of chemical reinforcing elements, such as nickel, outbalances the limited content of silver, allowing to reach the desired mechanical performance both in the case of traction and shear stress.

Material selection

The production process developed by Legor Group for Hyperal alloys ensures their maximum microstructural homogeneity. Furthermore, the careful selection of raw materials together with the several monitoring tests and laboratory analyses ensures a high level of purity and consistency, for greater user-friendliness and operator safety (absence of toxic elements such as lead and cadmium) and guaranteed results.


Thanks to the wide melting range (650 °C - 760 °C), HYP729 is especially versatile, and can be used for brazing of hard and soft syntered bonds, ensuring excellent strength and joint filling.

Advice for use

We recommend to use the product with flux FLUX104SF, in order to guarantee excellent mechanical performance and the following characteristics:

  • Excellent flowability
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Great filling capacity and joint uniformity


Available in ROD (1.0 - 1.5 - 2.0 mm) or TAPE format (various lenghts and thicknesses)

Available in RING format (various wire thicknesses and internal ring diameters)



Strong points:

  • Extremely pure Ag powder (99,9%)
  • Gas-atomized in Nitrogen with < 76 µ spherical granulometry
  • Extremely high flowability
  • Suitable for all sintering processes


SEM picture


Strong points:

  • Composition: 80% Copper 20% Tin
  • < 45 µ irregular granulometry
  • Suitable for traditional sintering processing of hard metals
  • Specifically developed for the diamond tools industry
  • Stability during the forming process
  • Can be used pure or mixed with other components



Strong points:

  • Composition: 70% Copper 30% Manganese
  • < 45 µ semi-spherical granulometry
  • Improves wettability on diamond tools
  • Suitable for traditional sintering processing of hard metals


SEM picture