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Call for Papers

Call for Papers



In 2019 JTF will be reaching its 15th edition! The positive feedbacks we keep receiving motivate us to go on with enthusiasm and new ideas: we will keep working to make it contemporary and effective, especially through a deeper involvement of our audience.

In the meantime, we are pleased to share with you the JTF 2019 theme and the speakers’ subscription program. We look forward to having you among our experts!

Within the main topics that are composing our symposium,  here is a guideline for topics to be treated in your memory. Take this list as a bit of information to spark your ideas!
In JTF 2019, the speeches will be organised into 2 parts: JTF ACADEMY and JTF BUSINESS.

This will help us to match, respectively, the need to consolidate or refresh some important knowledge on metallurgy and chemistry, and the quest for new interesting insights from the market.


Metallurgy and alloys:
• Formulations for particular applications
• Case studies from alloy behavior in real life conditions
• In depth comparative studies of different compositions

Production processes:
• Investment casting as a whole process
• Specific casting techniques (stone-in-place, resins, investments)
• Mechanical deformation processes
• Rapid prototyping software and hardware
• Additive manufacturing technologies
• Innovative technologies pertaining to the world of jewelry manufacturing
• Advancements in finishing methods and techniques

New trends in the jewelry design:
• Overviews of market trends and their impact on production
• Possibilities offered by new technologies

Surface coatings:
• New surface deposition technologies
• Practical application of deposition techniques

New materials:
• Coupling of different materials that are suitable for jewelry production
• Possibilities offered by scouting for materials in different sectors

Nano-technologies applied to jewelry manufacturing and related sectors:
• Insight on realistic applications for nano-structured materials in jewelry
• State of art in the gold and silver based nano-structured formulations

Quality system, production organization, process and product traceability:
• How to improve communication in a company
• Increasing yield and value in a jewelry manufacturing facility

Legislation, norms and reference standards, ethics and social responsibility.


Within 15 July 2018: send us your subject proposal and request for participation by writing to Specify the title of the speech, a brief extract (maximum 15 lines), and kindly send your updated bibliography with a picture in jpg format.

Within 31 August 2018: the JTF Scientific Comminee will evaluate your proposal and will notify you accordingly.

Within 15 October 2018: the complete work must be sent for final approval.


The Jewelry Technology Forum (JTF) is the unique opportunity in Europe to compare notes and favour cultural exchange of a technical and scientific nature among experts in the international gold sector, on subjects of common and current interest.

Its characterizing element is providing participants with practical indications and concrete answers to daily questions related to the many aspects of goldsmith technology. That is why JTF prevalently encourages research papers and new information gleaned from projects promoted by companies, but is also keen on giving voice to the academic world and scientific institutions, providing that the contents to be shared are developed with a view to technical application. For this reason, papers must not contain any references of a commercial or self-promoting nature.


The speakers will be the guests of the Organisation for the entire duration of the JTF, which will be held during the VICENZAORO January and T-Gold trade fair in January 2019 in Vicenza. Please apply to the Organisation Office for any additional clarification or information (Ms Veronica Cortese - tel.0039 0444 467945 – – JTF website).

Looking forward to having you among our JTF valued speakers, we send you our sincere best regards,

The JTF team