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Our story

From 1979

A strong tradition and family passion

A unique, versatile, reliable company with a proactive approach

Choosing Legor Group means being able to rely on the solidity of a company with a multinational organization and the technology and dependability of a Made in Italy product. Legor Group offers standard products and services around the globe at any time.

SURFACE AREA: 5000 sqm

Poliero family
Poliero family

The story of a family united by its objectives

In the spring of 1979 an energetic 40 year old secondary school teacher decided to help a friend in need. He assisted him in the artisan production of master alloys for the gold jewellery industry as well as providing support for sales and analysis of market requirements. This pioneering business idea coincided with a time of unprecedented growth in the Vicenza gold district. It was the charitable and gracious spirit that set this success story in motion, characterised by genuine values and authentic principles.

Gianni Poliero, who was the teacher at that time, is now the Chairman of Legor Group, a multinational company based in Vicenza specializing in metallurgy.

Initially, Gianni’s wife, Teresa, and then their seven children were carried along by Gianni’s entrepreneurial flair. All they played a significant role in the running of the company, but it was his second son Massimo who had a real passion for research and technology. Since 1992, after studying metallurgy and gaining years of technical experience in goldware production, Massimo became head of the family firm, creating the important and advanced Research and Development laboratory and introducing a managerial approach with an international outlook.

A name - Leg.Or – that reflects our origins

Leg.Or was the first brand to represent our business and consisted of a simple abbreviation of “leghe orafe” [gold alloys], our initial core business declared in the payoff “Alloys and Metals for Goldsmiths and Silversmiths”. The brand was strengthened over the years by the image of a flow of molten metal from the crucible, highlighting the focus of the company business also at visual level.

The communication trends of the 80s lead to restyling of the brand which becomes one single word, no longer an abbreviation but a real name, Legor, where the core business is graphically stylized with an L containing a sphere representing a drop. The pay off is far-reaching and communicates the company promise “The value of innovation”, with the use of English indicating the era of internationalization. The company increases in size and the products offered are also diversified, the first specialties are developed and the first branches are opened; the company feels the need to communicate its multinational and multidisciplinary approach starting from the brand, with a second restyling study focusing on communicating technology and the dimensional enlargement of the company but without abandoning the origins dear to its customers.

The advent of the Group

Legor Group “Your jewelry technology provider” represents us in the world today. Maybe, with the differentiation of our products, it’s becoming a bit too narrow…

It’s no accident that the colour of the brand has remained blue over the years, linking the implicit technological strength to the reference to tradition and family values. 

The sphere in the graphic part clearly remains, representing not only the drop but also the dynamism of the company which is constantly changing and adapting to contingent market situations and product demands.