Legor Group (more)

Operate, educate and inform

To ensure  achievement of its set objectives, LEGOR GROUP has learnt to transfer its know-how with competence and passion, enabling it to take on different roles according to requirements:

- as a trusted consultant making its in-house laboratory available equipped with the most sophisticated  analytical instruments for researching and developing new products, process and product quality control and third party analysis service;

- as a training hub thanks to the establishment of a scientific committee with the collaboration of important professionals in the sector, culminating in the JTF, the international forum on gold jewellery production technologies;

- as a qualified service in terms of both gold, silver and non-precious alloy lost wax casting for third parties, advanced technical research and tests for control and verification of the casting process parameters, and a Powder Laser Melting production/prototyping service (SLM technology).

The customers are our main value

Our choices, our actions and our products express who we really are. Combining technology and innovative spirit, Legor Group confirms its creative modern approach to the evolution of jewellery, providing the right answers to the production process needs of its customers. 

The ongoing quest for Quality

The centre of the LEGOR GROUP activity is the ongoing quest for Quality in terms of constant innovation which takes the form of investment, attention to training, numerous laboratory analyses and tests, listening to the needs of the market and carefully observing technological evolution in general…”allied markets often offer interesting solutions” (Massimo Poliero CEO Legor Group S.p.A).