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The conference is a unique opportunity in Italy for the sector operators to update on the state of the art in gold and silver production technology and to compare notes in a congenial and essentially technical environment in close contact with research institutes and Italian and foreign researchers, entrepreneurs, production managers, process consultants and academics.

Teresa Frye

Owner of TechForm Advanced Casting Technology Portland, OR USA

Teresa Frye is the owner and President of TechForm Advanced Casting Technology. In the early nineties her firm introduced high-temperature casting methods from the aerospace industry to jewelry manufacturing. A leading expert on jewelry casting and a prolific researcher, she has published technical papers and articles worldwide, and speaks frequently at industry conferences in the United States and Europe. Today, TechForm provides platinum castings to a broad customer base in the United States, including many of the top jewelry brands. Her publications have appeared in Platinum Metals Review, The Johnson Matthey Technology Review, The Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology, The Jewelry Technology Forum, the MJSA Journal, and JCK Magazine, among others. To further the sharing of technical information, in 2008 she founded the Portland Jewelry Symposium, an annual educational conference that specifically serves the needs of manufacturing jewelry retailers. 

Franz Held

FEM (Forschungsinstitut Edelmetalle + Metallchemie)

Franz Held (September 01. 1956) studied metallography at the Max-Planck-Institute in Stuttgart. He worked for different precious metal refiners (Degussa, Heimerle + Meule) and has a long-term experience in practical research and testing. He works in the Department of Physical Metallurgy at the Research Institute for Precious Metals & Metals Chemistry (FEM) in Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany

Ann-Marie Carey

Birmingham City University

In her academic career, Dr Ann-Marie Carey has combined the traditional craftsmanship skills of goldsmithing with advances in laser technology. The blending of these two skill sets presents new perspectives of understanding, and novel approaches to the development of the craft. The perceptive expertise of craftsmanship underpins the interpretation of research data, and further more guides the appropriate application of technology. This approach has developed pioneering methodologies in how objects are created and understood. The duality of hand skills and advanced technology is a common thread throughout her research.

Valentina Allodi

Progold S.p.A.

Valentina Allodi is R & D Specialist of Progold S.p.A, a company that produces precious and semi-finished metal alloys in gold, platinum and titanium obtained with direct 3D printing. A point of reference in the team for innovation and research on additive metal printing, Valentina graduated with honors in Science and Technology of Innovative Materials in 2010, subsequently completing her studies with the Ph.D. in Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials.
In 2011 she won a research grant at the University of Verona and worked with the same institution as a teacher and researcher until 2015.
In Progold she proactively contributed to the research project presented at the The Santa Fè Symposium 2016 international conference entitled "Direct 3D Metal Printing: A Trip through New Opportunities and Innovative Alloys" and participated in the next edition of 2017 with the research "Why Should We Direct 3D Print Jewelry? A comparison between Two Toughts: Today and Tomorrow "

Silvia Dalle Nogare

Studio Legale Associato

Silvia Dalle Nogare is a senior associate of the DFA law firm.
She deals with international trade and business contracts. She also supports companies in the field of new technologies, with particular reference to legal compliance and contracts relating to e-commerce, protection of personal data and company information, provision of digital services.
She is an associate and member of the board of directors of Credimpex Italia, as well as a member of ISOC (Internet Society Italy).

Chris Corti


Dr Chris Corti is a technologist with over 38yrs experience  developing and exploiting technology in the precious metals industry. He worked with Johnson Matthey Plc and World Gold Council before setting up his own technology consultancy in 2009. He studied metallurgy at University and has worked in the energy industry in the UK and Switzerland before moving into the precious metal industry. He has published widely and presented on jewellery topics many times at the Jewellery Technology Forum and the Santa Fe Symposium.

Andrea Friso

Product Division Manager - Legor Group S.p.A. - Bressanvido VI - IT

Andrea Friso performs at Legor Group S.p.A. as Sales Division Manager of Master Alloys. Materials engineering graduated in 2003, he starts his cooperation with Legor Group in 2004 by writing his graduation thesis about ‘innovatively colored gold alloys’. He is the company business role operating between sales force, production and R&D, relying upon matured professional experience on the different product types and their positioning on different markets. He supports sales forces on commercial planning and the achievement of objectives together with their periodic control. He cooperates with the technical and R&D dept. as for development, enhancement and promotion of products.

Ilaria Forno

Politecnico di Torino – Alessandria Campus - Alessandria, Italia

laria Forno is a graduate of Materials Engineering from Polytechnic University of Turin. Now she is studying for a PhD in Industrial Production and Design Systems, developing a thesis sponsored by the Consorzio Promoteo regarding the precision casting of precious metals with an analysis of materials and methods.