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Hyperal line

The innovative line of alloys for brazing

Hyperal Line

Hyperal by LEGOR GROUP is an innovative line of alloys for brazing purposely designed for joining hard metal components and sintered elements to base metals such as iron and steel. These products are particularly suitable for the cutting tool sector where high levels of wettability and adhesion between the various metal parts and high mechanical performance of the finished products must be guaranteed.
The innovation of the Hyperal products is their limited silver content compared to the traditional brazing alloys used in the industrial reference sector (e.g. Ag 49% by weight, EN1044 AG502); while maintaining high standards of performance and workability, the Hyperal brazing alloys offer a significant reduction in costs compared to the traditional brazing alloys with high precious metal content.
The series of alloys for brazing Hyperal of LEGOR GROUP is in fact characterized by a reduced content of Silver and by a series of alloying elements which regulate and modify its behavior at high temperature, thus guaranteeing the best conditions of wettability, capillarity and adhesion during melting. The presence of chemical strengthening elements such as nickel compensates for the limited silver content, providing the desired mechanical performance in both tensile and
shear stress.
The particular production process developed by LEGOR GROUP for production of the Hyperal brazing alloys, in the various formats available, for example rod, wire, strip and preform, has been studied and developed in order to guarantee maximum microstructural uniformity of the metal; in addition, careful choice of the initial raw materials combined with the numerous laboratory controls performed during the various stages of the production process give to Hyperal alloys
a high level of purity, therefore increasing their ease of use (e.g. repeatability of the brazing process) and operator safety (e.g. total absence of toxic and harmful elements such as lead and cadmium). The Hyperal alloys are also available in powder and paste forms.
The technological and process innovation introduced for the development of brazing alloys of the series Hyperal allowed LEGOR GROUP to protect its intellectual property and technical know-how through several international patents.
Given the particular metallurgical composition and the wide melting range of the Hyperal alloys in addition to the presence of zinc as an alloying metal, the product should be used, with appropriate deoxidizer, in well-ventilated environments and for applications where high heating and cooling speeds of the joint to be brazed (e.g. induction or torch brazing) must be guaranteed in order to limit liquidation phenomena of the brazing metal.

  • Reduced Silver content.
  • Ease to use.
  • High mechanical performance.
  • Reduced impurities level.