Legor Group (more)


The key to every strategy

Thanks to technological innovation, we have access to new formulations, we improve their use, we optimise the processes.


Legor Group places scientific research and technological innovation at the centre of its strategies for sustainable development. The research and development activities are organised into projects which involve all the divisions according to the needs and trends identified on the market  and according to progress which requires new materials or process optimisations.

The ability to innovate is testified by the company’s wide-ranging patent portfolio which currently comprises approximately 30 patents.

Open to the experiences of others

External collaborations form an integral part of our innovation strategy and represent one of its strengths. Collaboration with the academic world and the world of research enables us to integrate our in-house technical and scientific expertise and to face the most important challenges with a multidisciplinary approach and clear objectives, identifying original solutions.

Constant monitoring

Constant monitoring of and comparison with the technologies of other sectors and centres of excellence is a necessary activity to guarantee the quality of our research. For this purpose we aim to create even stronger and more structured links with the world of research and the experts with whom we already work, and make even more of the wealth of knowledge and competences provided by the JTF, Jewelry Technology Forum; this is an internationally known forum which every year plays host to the world’s top representatives in the field of  production technologies for gold jewellery and allied products.