Legor Group (more)

Automation and production excellence guarantee the Made in Italy brand

All Legor Group products are manufactured at the factory in Bressanvido in Italy guaranteeing a high quality standard, batch repeatability and maximum competitiveness in terms of price.
The production cycle begins with analyzing the needs identified by programmed planning function. After this, a weekly production plan is prepared allowing the timely purchase of the raw materials which is done according to stringent technical specifications.

Good purchasing means good sales!

The Purchasing Department is responsible for acquiring high quality raw materials and semi-finished products mainly through Italian and European companies. Legor Group considers its suppliers strategic partners for growth and competitive advantage. It is committed to maintaining lasting relations with all suppliers who meet Legor Group requirements in terms of quality, price and reliability, sharing the company’s principles and values with them.

Production excellence

The manufacturing phases of the company core business product, the master alloy, can be summarised as follows:

  • automated weighing of the raw materials according to the composition selected by the dedicated software;
  • melting using the latest equipment, ensuring Legor Group excellence in terms of technology, process precision and control;
  • drop screening and finishing;
  • automated weighing and packaging to ensure total elimination of human error and guarantee the declared quantity.

The plating solutions are also produced in-house and the process is fully automated from transformation of the raw material to the bottling and packaging phase.

Lastly, every batch produced for any division must comply with the Legor Group quality standard.


The company’s activities and projects are the real drivers of value creation for Legor Group. A project must contribute to creating value; in line with the business strategy, it is fundamental for company growth and development.


Legor Group is aware that creating value means looking at the willingness of its customers to use the company’s products and services. It is therefore necessary to listen to the customers and understand not only their needs but also their hidden desires. To ensure that we cover all aspects, every project is supervised by a complete Team which comprises all the company functions (technical, production, research, sales and marketing); this enables us to interface with all the customer representatives who require different responses (purchasing, programming, production and style departments).


Legor Group manages its projects as an opportunity; the strength of this approach is seen in the relations which are created, generating competence.  Thanks to the projects we are motivated to make continuous investments in our production processes and systems, focusing above all on the ambitious objective of maximum production batch repeatability, generating absolute quality.