Legor Group (more)

The R&D Laboratory

The laboratory is the cradle of progress…

The in-house laboratory

Legor Group is equipped with a modern in-house laboratory where every day a team of specialist technicians studies, designs and tests solutions aimed at anticipating the needs and meeting the requirements of its customers, transforming creative ideas into targeted innovative products.

Legor Group has always considered R&D investment to be of fundamental importance for progress; above all, it recognises the added value contributed by people with their culture, commitment and professionalism. Over time the company has therefore tried to create competences and well-organised efficient working environments equipped with the latest most sophisticated technologies.

The instruments

The Legor Group Research Centre is equipped with modern technologically advanced instruments:

  • SEM/EDX, scanning electron microscope with microanalysis probe
  • ICP-OES inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer
  • TG/DTA for thermal and gravimetric analysis
  • Titrator for potentiometric determination of silver in compliance with the UNI EN 314227:1997 standard
  • Vickers microdurometer
  • Tensile test machine
  • Facilities for metallographic preparation
  • Metallographic microscopes
  • Spectrophotometer for colorimetric analyses
  • Elementary analysers for determination of single elements (O, N, C, S)
  • Climatic chambers for corrosion resistance tests
  • Laser granulometer for determining granulometric profile of powders  

Repeatability at the basis of every development

Thanks to the multiple tests which the Research and Development Centre is able to perform, Legor Group ensures perfect repeatability of its formulations, guaranteeing the customer total dependability and responding to market needs rapidly and effectively.