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Dear Legor Partner,

We are happy to invite you to the 2019 edition of Legor Dealers’ Meeting!

The Legor Team has a message for you... check it out in this video!

Are you ready? The “Legorevolution” days are waiting for you :)

  Check-in: Saturday, June 22
Check-out: Thursday, June 27
Don't miss the party on Saturday 22nd night!  
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Additional information:

For whom of you will join this event for the first time, kindly note that our Dealers’ Meeting is a training and updating course held every two years, mainly targeted at sales technicians and operators representing companies approved by Legor Group as dealers or official agents. It is a unique opportunity to get updated on the latest products and operating/process developments, and most of all to interact with other members of the Legor Team worldwide. A real exchange of knowledge and experience.

Legor Group organization will pay for the board and lodging charges of all its dealers for the entire time needed for the dealers’ training. Namely, Legor Group will pay for the five nights (starting from the night of June 22nd until the morning of June 27th) the dealers are spending at the Hotel.

In addition, Legor Group organization will provide our dealers with breakfasts, lunches, dinners and with a bus aimed to give them comfortable rides from the Hotel to the premises of the company and vice versa.

Dealers are supposed to pay by themselves for all the extra charges, like:

  • Flights
  • Usage of the bar in their Hotel rooms;
  • Drinks at the bar of the hotel, etc..;
  • Every extra night, in addition to the five nights Legor Group organization is paying for, they are spending at the Hotel;
  • Additional meals which are not included in the ones Legor Group is paying for in the five days of training.
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