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Engage in order to grow

Without education and without coming face to face, there is no growth, but growth requires innovation which in turn stems from knowledge….often the solution is already there but we don’t know where: every year JTF and Santa Fe’ Symposium publish the conference proceedings with the clear and precise objective of ensuring that this knowledge can be used by everyone.

The symposium

This clear awareness of the role of technology and innovation in the jewellery industry led Massimo Poliero, CEO of Legor Group SpA, to develop in 2004 the format of the Jewelry Technology Forum, an annual symposium held in collaboration with Fiera di Vicenza SpA and sponsored by the CPV Gold Jewellery Sector Studies Group.
The JTF owes its existence to the important support and precious contribution of Eddie Bell, founder of the Santa Fe Symposium, originator of the idea behind organisation of the JTF, and Chris Corti (COReGOLD Technology Consultancy) who, with his cheerful and energetic approach, has been a constant presence; these two figures have always enthusiastically shared their experience of and dedication to the jewellery world.
A fundamental element in organisation of the JTF has been the commitment of all the excellent speakers over the years who, with a wealth of detail, have illustrated to the sector operators the results of their research and technical and technological innovations.
The JTF was developed with the aim of creating a culture in terms of technological innovation, design and marketing in a sector which is traditionally far removed from the rationale of business management.

The format

The JTF is an international symposium with the participation of speakers and participants from all over the world, but it is no accident that it is held in Vicenza, during one of the most important events in the sector, the centre of a district which is proud of its identity and reputation. Thanks to the Jewelry Technology Forum (JTF) the gold and silver sector operators can meet,  at least once a year, in an appropriate setting, in a uniquely technical context in close contact with research institutes and Italian and foreign researchers, entrepreneurs, production managers, process consultants and academics. In addition, the JTF responds to the need for training in the most advanced gold production technology aimed at helping the participants to solve technical and process problems.