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Largest galvanic production line in Morocco

Legor Group installs the largest one in Morocco


Legor Group installs the largest galvanic line of Morocco for the jewelry industry.

Casablanca, December 2017: an ambitious project was finally accomplished by Legor |PLATING|.

According to our customer's request, ORO MECANICA, we have installed a latest generation galvanic line. In addition to the plant we have also supplied all the chemical and electrolytic systems necessary for the preparation of the various galvanic baths, for a complete support.

Objectives of the project:

  • to provide our client with a system calibrated on the treatment of particularly complex pieces, such as belts in 18kt gold, over 1 meter long.

The Legor team:

  • Massimo Zen
  • Marta Formenton

The cards up our sleeve:

experience, technology and Italian creativity! This way we have faced problems related to a pioneering territory for North Africa for such ambitious projects, with the advantages and problems that this may entail.

Today the new galvanic Legor line at ORO MECANICA is a flagship in the market of industrial scale systems, made special by an entirely-made-in-Italy contribution of know-how and production capacity.