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LEGOR and the stars

The new ADV campaign that launches into orbit

"LEGOR and the stars": the new ADV campaign that launches into orbit

In 2017 Legor Group presents its new institutional campaign dedicated to stars, wishes and new opportunities.


Where did the need to develop an advertising campaign for a B2B company come from?

The decision to produce the first proper advertising campaign for the LEGOR brand comes from a new awareness: a very technical-informative communication confirms our authority, but it doesn’t help in strengthening the emphatic bond with our Clients. To tell our “why”, before our “how” or “what”. The principle that tells that 90% of buying behavior comes from the unconscious is still true for the B2B, because the professionals that make choices for their company are firstly men and women that define and express their preferences the same way as when they are buying for themselves.

We were needing a new hook with our public, an expression of a new language, less technical and more empathic, recognizable, memorable, capable of fascinating and then hit, even intangibly, the soul of our Clients. A new message and language that doesn’t substitute the actual technical and scientific ones, but which complementary bonds with them.

First, we identified our reference world and the promise we give to our Clients: “We start from what nature offers and challenge common perspectives to find out breakthrough solutions. We take part in transforming metals in order to boost their intrinsic, stellar qualities and let them shine again”


…why the stars?

 “Stellar” is an adjective that belongs to us: metals, daily bread at LEGOR, are born thanks to stellar nucleosynthesis; They, literally, come to us from the stars. LEGOR takes part into their transformation circle, intervening on their inside, with the production of alloys and master alloys, or on their surface, with electroplating processes. The stars are a consistent world with our DNA and a credible reference point, belonging to us.

But stars are also the place of dreams, of ambitions, of new goals… of positive thoughts and new opportunities. So, we choose them as our “magical object”, that helps us to express ourselves with a new language that brings together technics and emotions.


From these thoughts, a new multi-subject campaign has born. What are its distinctive traits?

We defined 6 subjects, one for every service or product line. From the stars emerges the representation of how our products are used… and it’s no chance that LEGOR’s people are demonstrating it: we have put ourselves in the Client’s shoes, indicating that we are our first demanding Clients. The format is recognizable thanks to recurrent elements: the circle of metals, a fixed image on the top-right corner that recalls the transformation concept, together with a caption that always has a double value: of “science” and of “life”. And a division-colored stripe, which brings the logo into the picture.


The new campaign revealed itself as the ideal occasion to also present the new LEGOR logo. What does it tell us, in this revisited form, and for which aspects does it differentiate itself from the precedent?

In-depth thinking of LEGOR’s identity as a brand and on our promise created the necessity to revisit the logo and as such the coordinated image.

Without disrupting what has been consolidated during the last 10 years, the existing logo has been simplified, keeping only the most recognizable and identifiable part: the word “LEGOR”. With the goal of an immediate at-a-glance communication, all the fragile elements (the payoff and the “GROUP” word) have been put apart. This was based on three considerations

  1. The brand logo must be a synthetical, of immediate comprehension graphic sign, facilitating both the recognition of LEGOR’s products and worldwide spokesmen-companies of the LEGOR philosophy.
  2. This choice was dictated in part because everyone knows us by “LEGOR”, and so they call us. Following our intent to declare ourselves “good listeners” of Clients’ needs, we must be ready to listen to them under every aspect and be ready to accept their suggestions.
  3. The payoff “your jewelry technology provider” is no longer the LEGOR synthesis. We have a more detailed identity, difficult to sum from a single payoff. As an example, we are also consultants and we do not just deal with "jewelry".

The BLUE color point has been darkened, to better convey authority and to homogenize the printed outputs.