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The growing investments in Research and Development have allowed us to maintain a strong competitive advantage in the sector and to develop an internal state of the art laboratory in terms of technology and competence. The offer of the Master Alloy Division is therefore a summary of the experience accumulated in thirty years of dedication to metallurgy for the international gold industry. The Master Alloy Division proposes lines of production dedicated to the transformation of metal, from the raw material to the finished product, providing complete and detailed operational support in all the various phases of the productive process.

What are master alloys

In the production of jewellery the use of gold and silver as pure metals does not allow to obtain products that stand up under wear and tear, or which have a high level of mechanical resistance, or important performance in terms of colour and malleability. Master alloys are the answer to specific and increasingly complex productive requirements. The term master alloy is understood as a particular category of non-ferrous alloy (metallic materials made up of several metals), primarily of copper, silver, nickel and zinc. Thanks to the use of the right master alloy, containing grain refiners and deoxidizers, it is possible to influence the characteristics of a jewel, such as colour, hardness, mechanical resistance, malleability and resistance to oxidation. The variety of these parameters justifies the large number of characterising compositions in Legor Group production; in fact, it is preferable to have various compositions for various types of processing or carat weight. This allows to obtain an obvious advantage from the operational point of view and to optimise the final product.


Legor Group Master Alloy Division offers a qualified service of subcontract analyses and technical consultancy, using the internal Research and Development laboratory, highly sophisticated and equipped with advanced instruments for any kind of metallurgical analysis (from quality control to development of new products and process solutions).