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B9Creations Partnership with Legor for 3D Printing Solutions

3D-printing up to 4 times faster?
For this there is B9Creations!

FOV, Legor Group's reference brand for the Tools & Consumables line, expands its world of expertise! In fact since 2018 we are the official dealers of B9 Core Series, the latest generation of professional 3D printer by B9Creations all across Europe, Africa and Asia for the jewelry & fashion accessories sectors.
Step 1
Pour the resin to prepare the machine for printing. No calibration required!
Step 2
Choose the 3D file to be printed, select the material and adjust layer resolution.
Step 3
Start printing - easy!
Step 4
Extract the bed and remove the prints! - UV cure for best results.
You can cast directly from the resin model!

More on B9Creations: as a global provider of professional 3D printing solutions, B9Creations has become the industry leader in production, speed and value. It now stands as the additive manufacturing market leader in high-precision applications such as jewelry, prototyping and manufacturing, research, medical devices and model making. B9Creations serves customers and certified dealers in 66 countries around the globe. To know more:
For further information, please revert to your Legor sales representative.