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Brass and Bronze formulations improvement!

To us it's precious! Even if it doesn't contain gold or silver...



Starting from 2017, you can count on a series of improvements for the production of costume jewellery and fashion accessories. Without an impact of final price!

brass bronze alloy

1. Purer raw materials

We implemented the usage of raw materials with a higher grade of purity, so as to make our brass and bronze alloys more stable and more re-usable.

2. Stricter impurity tolerances

With the usage of new raw materials and thanks to a large statistic study, we can indicate lower values of undesirable alloy elements in our technical data sheets... and comply with any restrictive requirement.

> Pb 60 ppm → 20 ppm
> Fe 250 ppm → 50 ppm

Improvement on production process,

to maximize the advantage given by the new raw materials.

...and the advantages?

  • Higher reusability
  • Higher stability of results
  • Lower crucible residue
  • More compact surface

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