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Jeweler is one of the most ancient and respectable professions, for since the beginning of time humanity tried to perpetuate the beauty, expressing its craving for art through the books, paintings, statues and, of course, jewelery.
Gold-work in Russia has its own rich, centuries-long history. Russian craftsmen have always been considered as one of most talented and professional and their work has been appreciated in all the countries due to its beauty, originality and quality. Today, the gold-work in Russia has reached its full flowering. Cutting-edge technologies, available on the market allow to incarnate the most courageous creative ideas. 
Legor Group Russia, the company situated in Kostroma – jewelery capital of Russia, congratulates all the partners and colleagues with the Jeweler's Day. We wish you creativeness, success and professional growth and we are always ready to support your business with modern technologies and professional solutions. At your disposal:

Choosing us, you present a holiday to yourself and your clients. Legor Group – your jewelry technology provider.