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DARKOR - The new black gold/palladium alloy

Who says that gold can only be yellow, white or red? In the jewelry and fashion industry there's been a tendency in the last few years to search for darker ad darker colors. In order to meet the market requests, Legor has developed DARKOR®, the new 12 KT black gold/palladium alloy, the only black thick deposit 100% nickel and heavy metals free. Higly resistant to abrasion and corrosion*, it maintans brightness and color. 
Its unique characteristic is that it can serve as an intermediate layer to improve and preserve dark surface treatments as black rhodium or ruthenium; but it can also be used as a finishing layer. 
DARKOR® is the answer to a market asking for a high-quality product, durable and safe.

*demonstrated by TURBULA abrasion test and corrosion test in accordance to NFS 80 772 (artificial sweat test)

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