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GlitterBrass by Legor Group is a special yellow brass which creates a unique, decorative glitter on polished surfaces after a heat treatment.
GlitterBrass is a patent pending formulation conceived for casting of bijoux (costume jewellery) and fashionware production. The natural glitter effect
The main feature of GlitterBrass is the unique texture reached right on the metal, without any further surface deposition treatment. The glitter effect is caused by a thermally induced transformation on the item’s surface which creates a large number of small, oddly orientated, reflecting areas.
Light reflection from many different angles on the surface results in this particular three-dimensional effect. This is most pronounced on large, flat or only slightly curved surfaces, whereas it is less appealing on strongly curved surfaces and ring shanks.
The glitter effect can be obtained only by using the correct heat treatment on GlitterBrass jewels. The heat treatment has to be made under strictly inert atmosphere after fine polishing is completed.

Product highlights
Product applications: Fashionware and bijoux manufacturing
Production process: Casting in closed systems
Color: Rich Yellow
Base formulation: Copper/Zinc/Aluminum
Casting temperatures: 1060 – 1130°C
Flask temperatures: 550-650°C
As cast hardness: 158 HV
Protective coatings: Metal plating (< 0,5 μm) - KLIAR e-coating (< 5 μm)