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Introducing VEGA BRONZE



Introducing VEGA BRONZE

BWCB, the new WHITE Bronze by LEGOR |PLATING| with cosmic powers!


  • EASY-TO-USE and to maintain: higher tolerances than the optimum values that every chemical species must meet.
  • BRIGHTER: clients evaluate it considerably whiter and more shining than both previous LEGOR formulations and other solutions they have tested in the market.
  • LONGLASTING: with the longest bath-life timing, when compared to the traditional white bronze formulas in the market.

White bronze Pd Free processes are designed to replace Nickel or part of Gold plating as under layers. In decorative processes this organically brightened system produces semi oxide resistant layers in a white color, acting as an economic alternative to Rhodium or Palladium. Technically, it can be used as an undercoat for palladium, palladium-nickel, silver, gold or trivalent chromium.
This system can perform both flash and thickness plating processes. If used for flash plating it is elastic and easy to manage. If utilized for thickness plating, the parameters must be kept near the nominal values, and chemical analysis must be frequent.