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It's a renewal summer for the FOV Shop!

It's a renewal summer for the FOV Shop!

We are happy to inform you that from September 4th the FOV Shop will be moving from Vicenza to a new specialized area at our headquarters in Bressanvido (near Vicenza).Thanks to the unification of warehouses and new logistical investments, we are automating the orders management, hence improving our service. 

To make this possible and to minimize the impact on our Clients, we take advantage of summer holidays and anticipate the closure of the Vicenza FOV Shop on July 21st!

In any case, to apologize about the discomfort caused by the prolonged closure, we reserve a 10% discount valid from 1st to 21st of July , on each purchase of tools and consumables* made at the FOV Shop! Until that date, you will find us here: Via del Progresso, 45, Vicenza

*excluding other terms and / or other discounts
The dates to remember!
1. Last day of sale at the Vicenza FOV Shop: Friday, July 21st
2. Beginning to receive orders in the new location in Bressanvido: Monday, Aug. 28th
3. Official opening of the new shop in Bressanvido: Monday, Sept. 4th

Starting on September 4th, come and visit us at Via del Lavoro 1, Bressanvido (Vicenza)!