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From 28 September to 02 October Legor Group Russia took part in the jewellery fair JUNWEX Moscow – the largest exhibition, representing all top jewellery companies in Russia.
As of today, this fair is not only the most global and prestigious in Russia, but, objectively, the most effective for all the participants from the commercial point of view. Either for manufacturing companies, or for companies working in the sphere of jewellery technologies. For companies, providing technologies there exist a special sector – JUNWEX Tech. 
In the framework of this direction Legor Group Russia presented the most up-to-date novelties of the year. 
*New gold plating solutions:

*T-Fender line – new and economical line of anti-tarnish products, protecting the substrates from corrosion, oxidization, and tarnishing
According to the words of Mrs. Ekaterina Tikhomirova, Legor Group Russia Plating Division manager, the particular interest of the clients during this exhibition was given to nano-ceramic coatings from KLIAR and CERAMIX line, because today lots of companies want to use nano-technologies and also increase the durability of the items, preserving their attractive look.
Mr. Andrea Friso, Master Alloy Division product division manager from Legor Group s. p. a., shared his impressions from the exhibition: 
«It was great to participate to this exhibition to have a direct contact first of all with my colleagues from Legor Group Russia, and then with the many Russian customers we met. It is very important for me to keep up-to-date with what is happening on the Market, both technically and from the commercial point of view. This year I had the impression of a bit more active Market than last edition, which should probably keep up till the end of year. I look forward supporting the Master Alloy Division for even better business in 2017. I thank Mr. Nikolay and Ms. Ekaterina for helping me with translations… I understand Russian Language a bit, but can speak only very little!!»