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From 10 to 14 April Legor Group Russia took part in the Directors Meeting of Legor Group company. It is the second time when the directors of all the six Branches are gathered together in Bressanvido in homely and friendly environment. It is amazing and unique event, which knows no equals, because, first of all Legor Group is a family, united by shared values and traditions. Therefore the atmosphere of the meeting is more of a family character, where the directors are not simply the managers, but the members of one big family. 
During the Meeting there were discussed a lot of topics important for the company, both technical and managerial. But the main aim of this Meeting was creation of strong relationship between the Branches from different countries in order to maintain and develop the core values of Legor Group:

One cohesive team – that's the main goal of this Meeting, for together it is much easier to create competent, competitive and customer-oriented business. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”