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NEW BRASS, NO SMOKE: OTTS01 is a new brass formulation which offers great yellow color and high fluidity with very low smoke during casting operations! As all brasses and bronzes manufactured by LEGOR GROUP the new brass OTTS01 complies with US and EU regulations about possible harmful impurities!

RHODIUM FAMILY, SURE WE HAVE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR: the range of Rhodium solutions for bath and pen by LEGOR GROUP has been enriched with new formulations to meet any possible expectation. Come and try, we will have what you are looking for

PALLADIUM PLATING, GREAT CHOICE AT REASONABLE PRICE: you need a flash pre-layer or a thick one? No problem, you can anything with LEGOR GROUP Palladium solutions! 

THAT PINK YOU NEED: looking for a pink gold solution for your jewels? Tired and annoyed with existing micron pink gold solutions which are difficult to maintein and handle? The nightmare is over with GT4PINK by LEGOR GROUP!

NEW BRAZING DIVISION: wide range of solderings for jewelery sector by LEGOR GROUP, now also for quality fashion jewelry, cadmium free!