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Price list increase for alloys containing Iridium

Bressanvido, May 29th, 2018

We inform you that starting from 4th June 2018 some of our alloys will suffer a price variation due to the continuous increase in the value of the Iridium metal.
Our last price variation dates back to March 2017 when the value of Iridium was 22 €/g. Since then, this value has never slowed down its growth. However we have so far been able to absorb this increase keeping our price lists unchanged, thanks to stock availability and the calculation of the price of the Iridium metal on the weighted average.
At the beginning of last month, April 2018, the value of Iridium was around 27 €/g, today it has undergone a sudden growth of 40% and has reached 43 €/g. This rapid and unpredictable growth leads to the revision of prices in order to adjust the value to the real market conditions.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation,
Best regards,

Massimo Poliero
CEO of Legor Group S.p.A.