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Working in large international company means being a part of a big family, sharing its interests, ideas and intentions. Shared objectives, commitment to the result – this is what unites the employees. However, the families are united not only by shared professional experiences and memories, but also by collective leisure activities. 
This weekend Legor Group Russia team went for the holiday in a picturesque place not far from Kostroma in order to celebrate the overpast Jewelers Day and the Birthday of Russian branch of Legor Group company. Warm and sunny weather, the place on the bank of the Volga river amazing in its beauty, domestic and friendly atmosphere. 
Such corporate activities are unique opportunity to know a bit more about your teammates, to learn something new not only from the point of work, but also as about common people. To talk in unofficial atmosphere, play volleyball and sing songs shared by different generations. 
All those things are a very good way to create common corporate memories and also to strengthen the team spirit, because when we treat each other not only as a colleagues but also as a members of the family, we start to trust more the people we work with. As a consequence our clients trust us more, because it is always easy to relay on the company with strong  family values.