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The Plating Division of Legor Group offers dynamic and constantly developing plating solutions that accurately meet the technical, process & product and fashion needs of the gold and silver jewellery and fashion accessory market.

Partnership agreement between LEGOR GROUP S.p.A. and ELSY RESEARCH s.r.l.: the Plating Division of Legor Group is complited with a new product line dedicated to industrial applications

Legor Group and Elsy Research join their experience and know-how signing a contract for sales and technical collaboration for the line dedicated to industrial plating processes.
Elsy Research is present in the industrial plating sector since 1975 with very innovative products and high technical specialization to support the sales process.
The cooperation between the two companies aims at supplying the customer with technical assistance and highly specialized consultancy. This is possible thanks to the competences acquired in different sectors by the two companies of Veneto region that want to approach in a new and competitive way the fashion market – fashion accessories, jewelry, eyewear and in general all the companies that make industrial plating applications an important step in their internal production processes.
“The Legor Group brand is recognized in the jewelry industry for its high standards of product quality and innovation” – says Massimo Poliero, CEO of Legor Group – “the collaboration with Elsy represents an opportunity to make our professionalism and quality known to a new market segment, meanwhile guaranteeing technical support”.