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Industrial Application Line

Industrial Application Line - the AI brand

The technical approach to the plating support

As plating bath sizes become greater in volume and factories generate more demanding throughput, expectations in customer support becomes relevantly complex.  A.I. is a plating line of products completely dedicated to plating process installations of an industrial scale and the maintenance and management of precious metal-based processes in excessive volumes. It represents a technical approach to plating support and takes into account all of the most important factors to plating operators in the precious metal industrial plating sector.
Flexible product delivery:  opposed to delivering the electrolyte as an all inclusive ready-to-use product, the solution is broken down into separate components and delivered as a complete electrolytic system. The bath make-up, precious metal compounds, replenishing systems, and all of the maintenance products are sold separately allowing us to meet the individual needs of each customer.
Ease of maintenance: all products under the AI product umbrella are supplied with pre-calibrated replenishing systems based on ampere minute consumption. This allows for the independent additions of both precious metal and brilliant additives, permitting operators to move from day to day with less frequent analytical laboratory checks. 
Quick analytical support: our in-house lab offers plating bath analysis ranging from chemical titration to metallic examination through the means of ICP. We understand the chemistry of our plating solution and are confident in what necessary additions to make, both organic and inorganic, to keep chemistry in good health.
Plating Deposit Quality: Legor Group offers a variety of testing procedures to back the quality of our precious metal coatings. Using testing methods based on international normative compliance, we know how are plating solutions perform in a wide range of tests, to include salt spray, synthetic sweat, chlorine, and abrasion.