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This is your chance to present yourself, tell us about your education, training and experiences, your strong points and your professional objectives.


Initial screening
The initial screening is done by our IT system which collects and selects the profiles received according to the characteristics and skills of the  individual in relation to the vacancy available or the position requested.
The following are required:
• educational qualification
• specialisation courses 
• linguistic and IT knowledge
• professional experience
• willingness to travel both within Italy and abroad

 Telephone interview
In the telephone interview the position is discussed and compatibility with the profile required is verified.  If the profile corresponds to the job description, an interview is arranged.

 First selection interview
The first selection interview is held with the HR Manager who will assess the candidate on the basis of the personal and professional  characteristics required for the position, together with verification of the skills, competences and experiences acquired.  

 Second selection interview
Once the candidates have been interviewed for a certain position, a first selection of the most suitable candidates from the first interview will be made for presentation to the Management. The Management will then meet the candidates for a second more technical and detailed interview.

 Final selection and feedback
At the end of the selection process, which may require further interviews and trial periods, the most suitable candidates for the position are defined. Subsequently the HR Manager will inform each individual candidate of the result of the selection. The candidates will be contacted by email, and the selected candidate will be contacted by telephone with all the employment details.

If you are applying for a specific job position, please specify it in your introduction.

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