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C’est ici qu’on peut partager les fragments de la vie quotidienne de Legor ! Nous sommes des PERSONNES qui vivent dans cette PLANÈTE et qui tendent vers un PROFIT durable. Autrement dit, nous sommes des personnes en évolution constante qui souhaitent être heureux en prenant soin de nous-mêmes, des autres et du monde dans lequel nous vivons. Donc, en plus des solutions métalliques que nous concevons et produisons, voici tout ce que nous avons à dire encore !

Doing business with the SCRUM method: a talk with Stefania Palmieri, People & Innovation Manager of Legor Group 

"Doing Business with the SCRUM method" is the initiative that involves all third-year classes of the ITIS Rossi Institute of Vicenza, organized by ILM-it Lean Management Institute with the coordination of the Vicenza Confindustria School Commission.

The goal of this project is to show the students what different jobs are in practice and to encourage an informed choice of their future study path or job placement.

Every week one of the 9 companies involved (Legor Group Spa, Clerprem Spa, Salin Srl, Salvagnini Spa, Veca Spa, Zoppelleto Spa, Ha Italia Spa, Viatek Spa, Digital Innovetion Hub Vicenza) will talk to the students about topics related to the job field and welcome them for a visit to their production plant.

Legor spokesperson for this project is Stefania Palmieri, People & Innovation Manager.

Here are some of the questions she answered:

Why did you choose to participate in this project and what did you expect from it. Was the expectation fulfilled?

We wanted to get to know the students and bring new generations closer to the business world, cultivating potential talents for the future and exchanging ideas for technical improvement with students filled with notions and creativity.

What project / challenge did you propose to the students and why?

The improvement and efficiency of the process of picking and weighing of metals before melting. The project comes from the need for continuous improvement, a philosophy that we have always applied.

How do you rate the work of the students?

They worked hard and had really interesting ideas, presented in a very effective way and with technical-IT support that really surprised us in a positive way.

How would you improve the experience? Do you have operational suggestions?

It would be nice to be able to host the kids in the company even before the launch of the project to make them understand the needs of the company in detail and involve them more.

Would you recommend the participation to this project to other companies?

For sure it's a wonderful exchange of ideas and opportunities.

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