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Legor Silver casting: the widest range on the market!

Legor Silver casting:
the widest range on the market!

From the most classic formulation to the most high-tech one. Let’s get to know more on two products of the silver casting range by Legor: AG925ST and AG108MA.



Cost-effective Sterling silver that benefits from our optimized production process; best suitable to whom prefers a classic silver formulation.

Legor revised version of the classic Sterling Silver formulation, produced in our strictly controlled process using oxygen-free, 99,99% grade silver. This formulation represents the most cost-effective and entry-level product to start stabilizing your silver production. The main benefits from AG925ST compared to traditional Sterling silver are:

  • 925‰ title certified by Legor
  • High purity, oxygen free raw materials
  • Improvement on reusability
  • Excellent price/quality ratio


One among Legor best performing Silver based formulations for casting silver 925; it offers striking results in terms of whiteness, fluidity, reusability and shininess.

Legor ready-to-use silver alloy at title 925‰, designed for lost-wax casting in closed and open systems. It is particularly suitable for stone-in-place casting. Its granules are carefully prepared by using high purity silver (99.99%) through a special deoxidizing process, maximizing the alloy quality. The main benefits of AG108MA are:

  • highest level of deoxidizers among the Legor Ag-Q line alloys; this makes it perfect for casting in open systems
  • excellent fluidity in casting
  • as-cast tree clean from oxide scales
  • extremely high shininess, lustrous color and compact surface after finishing
  • very good resistance against tarnishing from sulphur compounds