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Red Gold Alloys


red gold alloys


Color shade: pink (intermediate between 5N and the so-called "6N")

  • L*: 87.0
  • a*: 8.8
  • b*: 16.8
  • c*: 18.9

Formulation: Ag 12%, Zn 1%

Level of g.r.: high

Crystalline grain: 30 ± 2 µm

Processing: all-purpose


  • Slightly easier to use than a deep red gold alloy because the content of silver lowers the risk for cracking
  • Slightly darker than classic 5N, lighter than deep red alloys
  • Interesting pricing point
  • Suitable also for lower titles


Color shade: red (the so-called "6N")

  • L*: 86.6
  • a*: 9.6
  • b*: 15.4
  • c*: 18.1

Formulation: Ag 5%, Zn 3%

Level of g.r.: very high

Crystalline grain: 15 ± 2 µm

Processing: all-purpose


  • Particularly suitable to heavy use of torch soldering that usually embrittls the item
  • Very resistant against cracking in general, can also prove useful where process control in general is an issue


Color shade: deep red (slightly darker than the so-called "6N")

  • L*: 86.1
  • a*: 9.7
  • b*: 15.1
  • c*: 18

Formulation: Ag 3%, Zn 2%

Level of g.r.: medium

Crystalline grain: 25 ± 2 µm

Processing: mechanical working


  • Low silver content and medium level of grain refiners make up for a good balance between performance and pricing
  • Eccellent for all plastic deformation applications
  • Suitable also for lower titles