4.0: Automation, IoT, AI

January 2018 marked an important step for Legor Group: the shift to a new fully integrated management system, full web, able to cover all processes of the company with a 4.0 approach.

But what does 4.0 really mean?


It’s an everyday expression that’s useful to explain. In our day-to-day experience “4.0” is not just a synonym for “robotization”: it’s a complex whole of technologies with a set goal… it’s the whole of the automation systems and I.o.T. which give benefits to the operator, towards process optimization.

So today the operator controls the process through a palmtop or other equivalent tools in order to have access to the single production process and control its progress.  

All of this grants better quality and faster services at a better price.


So what happens is that the recurring set up operations of the machines technical parameters are less and less in charge of the operator and more and more an automated mechanism of information transmission from ERP to the machine. From this view, the role of the operator changes and grows qualitatively: the operator is not a person in front of a machine to carry out tasks now taken over by robotics, but an operator extremely competent on that machine: he has always its parameters under control in order to optimize quality and repeatability of the process.

This industrial domotics has the important advantage of providing a great quantity of data, to be used to carry out an ongoing control, refine the efficiency of the process and improve the quality of the product or the service.


Important investments in logistics finalize the efficiency of the chain: a complete renovation of storage logic and internal handling, traceability of the products through QR, the complete integration with the new management system and the introduction of a vertical warehouse for the quick supply of the products that can be ordered via e-commerce.

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