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Here is the place to share frames of daily Legor life! We are PEOPLE that live this PLANET and point toward a sustainable PROFIT. In other words, we are constantly self-transforming persons that wish to be happy, by caring for ourselves, each others and the world we live in. So besides the metals' solutions that we conceive and produce, here is what more we have to say to you!

Legor installs the first complete plating process of Kenya for the fashion jewelry production

Nairobi, November 2019: another ambitious project by Legor Group

SOKO is a manufacturing platform and ethical lifestyle brand that brings together artisan communities in Kenya with consumers worldwide. Unlike centralized factory production, they are using technology to empower human capital, not displace it.

The jewelry is handmade from ethically sourced and upcycled materials and SOKO's mobile technology organizes over 2300 independent, distributed artisans into an efficient and demand-responsive “virtual factory” enabling Kenyan artisan workshops to earn 4.8X more than an average Kenyan workshop.

SOKO is driven by purpose—to empower marginalized artisans and the communities in which they live by preserving artisanal production techniques and cultural heritage for future generations thus - creating a sustainable business for the future.

In proud partnership with Legor, SOKO will now offer gold-plated products to fashion consumers worldwide.

How is Legor involved in this?

We have started a collaboration with SOKO one year ago, developing samples, studying the products with them in order to meet the high quality and aesthetic standards. One year after those first steps, we have supplied all the chemicals necessary for a complete eco-sustainable, nickel-free production process.

Our technicians Massimo and Morgan landed in Kenya to install the plating baths, train local staff and optimize the production process.

They were touched by the enthusiasm of the Kenyan team and their hard work. They’ve also had the chance to experience the local cuisine and the night life of Nairobi.

The technical team with SOKO CEO 

Massimo Zen says: “I was really impressed and enthusiastic of how smart and good willed are the SOKO guys who followed me. I’m sure they’ll do a great job in the future. I will never thank them enough for the hospitality and support they showed to us”.

Eric Otieno, from the technical team adds: “It was the best one and a half week experience working with Massimo and Morgan, offering great and professional technical knowledge, giving timeless know how on gold plating which is bound to go a long way as we continue to grow to offer our customers the best of the best. All in all the partnership with Legor is one of the best decisions we made as a company and we look forward to continue this wonderful relationship”.


The responsible of the lab, Mr. Robert Moranga, says: "Working with Legor was the most exciting moments for SOKO. Massimo and Morgan's overwhelming enthusiasm and passion made the process easier for us to understand. Their stay in Kenya and willingness to share their technical expertise greatly impacted on us. We will definitely work to build a lasting relationship with Legor team."

Legor will keep visiting for support and training for the next year to consolidate the work done and the relationship established.

For more info on this reality, visit SOKO's website:

For more info on other Legor projects in Africa and other countries, do not hesitate to contact our area manager: Marta Formenton – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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