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Customers recognize LEGOR galvanic solutions valuable features to simplify their daily job: very good yield, ease of use and guarantee of process control.
The Legor Group plating solutions are the result of a very accurate production process starting from a careful selection of the best raw materials. The transformation begins when the raw materials are submitted to strict operational protocols followed by intense quality controls and finally packed.
With a devoted eye on production practices and unmatched attention to details, the ISO 9001 certification guarantees a professional approach and the high quality of our products.
Staying on top of fashion trends and combining this knowhow with our Research and Development Laboratory enable us to deliver a wide range of plating solutions to satisfy the needs of all manufacturers worldwide.



MATTE Additive

  • Transform polished surfaces into matte surfaces
  • Transparent nano-ceramic cataphoretic paint
  • Obtainable thicknesses from 5 to 30 micron
  • Resistance to abrasion and corrosion
Our cataphoresis is available in the matte version, too. The advantage of matte cataphoresis is transforming a once polished and bright substrate in a ... (read more)


Acidic24 KTGold-cobalt3N colorNo free cyanideLead and cadmium free

GOLD-COBALT Plating Bath | 3N Color

  • 3N gold color
  • Thickness up to 3 micron
  • Contains no free cyanide
  • Nickel, lead and cadmium free
This mildly acidic gold plating electrolyte deposits a color similar to 3N color. Cobalt is co-deposited with gold in the alloy, allowing for an achie ... (read more)


Immersion PAINT

  • Acrylic post dipping paint
  • Low heat process
  • Supplemental corrosion resistance
  • 80°C curing temperature
An acrylic post dipping paint developed to be applied directly to a plated substrate or over e-coated layers, providing a two-layer paint system, and ... (read more)


AlkalineFlashDecorativeCyanide free in bonding metals

Customizable GOLD FLASH Electrolytic System Cyanide-Free

  • Healthier working conditions
  • Color flexibility
  • Optimum distribution and throwing power
  • Constancy for the deposited color
  • Easy to use
  • Thicknesses up to 0.2 micron
  • Anti-burn technology
This customizable gold flash electrolytic system is designed to be completely free from any cyanide-based chemical complex related to the bonding meta ... (read more)


Bright-mirror likeWhiteCyanide based

SILVER Plating Electrolytes

  • Bright-mirror like deposit in white color
  • Ductility even at high thickness
  • Excellent throwing power
  • Works at higher temperature ranges through 33 °C
Silver plating electrolytes provide a bright-mirror like deposit in white color, maintaining ductility even at high thickness, while providing a highe ... (read more)


AcidicGold-ironNickel cobalt and cadmium free

GOLD-IRON Plating Bath

  • Nickel free gold thickness plating
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • 3N gold color
  • Thickness up to 3 micron
  • Contains no free cyanide
  • Nickel, cobalt, and cadmium free
This acidic gold-iron plating process produces a deposit of gold 23 kt brilliant yellow 3N gold in accordance to the NIHS regulations. This electrolyt ... (read more)


AcidicStrikeTechnicalStainless steel activator

GOLD Strike Plating Bath

  • Gold strike bath
  • Stainless steel activator
  • Good pre-treatment for difficult-to-plate substrates
  • Improves corrosion resistance
  • Makes the final deposition more visually appealing
The acidic gold strike process allows you to generate a brilliant and ductile 24 kt gold deposit, directly onto stainless steel, nickel, copper alloys ... (read more)


TransparentCeramic-basedFor protection

Nanocomposit Ceramics CATHAPHORESIS

  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Absence of “orange peel” effect on plain and extensive surfaces
  • Invisible deposits extremely brilliant and uniform
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion tests
  • Compliant with REACH & OSHA regulation
CERAMIX is a nano-composit ceramics cathaphoresis characterized by the presence of nano-particles of ceramic material inside the resin. This way you c ... (read more)




  • Exceptional leveling power at low current density zones
  • Very bright deposits
  • Excellent throwing power even at 33 °C working temperature
  • No micro-spotting at high thicknesses
Our acidic copper permits deposits with exceptional brightness and leveling features even after long electroplating times at temperatures higher than ... (read more)


AlkalineStrikeTechnicalCyanide based

Cyanide COPPER Strike Plating Bath

  • Cyanide copper strike bath
  • No potassium hydroxide in the formulation
  • Excellent for the pretreatment of zinc alloy
  • Thickness range of 1.2-2.5 μm
Legor Group’s alkaline copper is a cyanide based solution developed for technical plating operations by the means of rack plating. The processes can ... (read more)



Dyes are organic pigments dissolved in solvent; their main feature is to be transparent and extremely bright. Their ideal application is on plated sur ... (read more)



Decorative Transparent E-COATING

  • Transparent E-coating
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • 130°C curing temperature
  • Easy to use
  • Fast reticulation
  • Requires ultrafiltration
Easycoat is a decorative transparent e-coating developed to improve electroplated surface finishing characteristics to both abrasion and corrosion res ... (read more)


AlkalineFlashPink goldDecorativeCyanide based

Flash PINK GOLD Plating Bath

  • Flash pink gold plating
  • Working temperature: 60 °C
  • Excellent oxidization resistance
  • Good throwing power
  • Good distribution
FLASHGOLD-PINK wants to meet the highest plating industries’ standards in terms of color and quality. This system provides an elegant light pink col ... (read more)


AlkalineFlashDecorativeCustomizableCyanide based

Customizable GOLD FLASH Electrolytic System

  • Color flexibility
  • Optimum distribution and throwing power
  • Easy to use
  • Thicknesses up to 0.2 micron
  • Anti-burn technology
This customizable gold flash electrolytic system is designed for decorative purposes: operators can customize the color of the gold deposit by adjusti ... (read more)


Acidic18 KTBrown goldDecorativeCustomizableNickel lead and cadmium free

Acidic GOLD Plating Bath | Brown Color

  • New color and design options
  • Infinite shades of brown obtainable with one only system
  • Deposition thickness up to 0.2 micron
  • Nickel, lead and cadmium free
Brown gold, otherwise known as “chocolate gold”, is now obtainable through plating deposition. This electrolyte gives to operators an alternative ... (read more)


Acidic24 KTGold-cobalt3N colorTechnicalOptimum conductivity

GOLD-COBALT Plating Bath for Electronic Applications

  • For electronic applications
  • Hard deposit
  • Highly pure deposit
  • Optimum conductivity
  • Abrasion resistant
This high speed gold-cobalt-based electrolyte is ideal for technical applications in which high hardness, conductivity and abrasion resistance are ess ... (read more)


AcidicLight gold colorNo free cyanideLead and cadmium free

Acidic GOLD Plating Bath | Light Gold Color

  • Light gold color
  • Thickness up to 3 micron
  • Contains no free cyanide
  • Lead & cadmium free
This acidic gold plating electrolyte deposits a very light yellow color, lighter than standard 1N/14 kt color, thus naming it 05N; nowadays this is on ... (read more)


Acidic18 KTPink goldLead and cadmium freePotassium cyanide free

Acidic GOLD Plating Bath | Pink Color

  • 18 kt (75%) gold deposit by title
  • Slightly acid electrolyte
  • Bright pink gold color
  • Easy to maintain
  • Thickness up to 5 micron
  • Cadmium and lead free
  • Free of potassium cyanide
The first 18 kt pink thickness electrolyte available on the market in an acidic process. This system is particularly indicated for decorative applicat ... (read more)


Acidic24 KT1N colorNo free cyanideLead and cadmium free

Acidic GOLD Plating Bath | 1N Color

  • 1N gold color
  • Thickness up to 3 micron
  • Contains no free cyanide
  • Lead & cadmium free
This acidic gold plating electrolyte deposits a color which is an exact match of the normalized NIHS standard 1N gold: a pale yellow color in 14 kt, c ... (read more)


Acidic24 KT2N colorNo free cyanideLead and cadmium free

Acidic GOLD Plating Bath | 2N Color

  • 2N gold color
  • Thickness up to 3 micron
  • Contains no free cyanide
  • Lead & cadmium free
This mildly acidic gold plating electrolyte deposits a color corresponding to the normalized NIHS standard 2N gold: a typical Italian pale yellow colo ... (read more)


Immersion PAINT

  • Ceramic post dipping paint
  • High heat process
  • Maximizes coating abrasion resistance
  • 180°C curing temperature
A ceramic infused post dipping paint developed to be applied over e-coated layers, providing a two-layer paint system and supplementing the overall ab ... (read more)


TransparentCeramic-basedFor protectionColorableFast-dry


  • Nanoceramic transparent colorable e-coating
  • 5-25 micron of thickness
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for every type of metal, with or without stones
  • High tarnishing resistance
KLIAR is an ceramic e-coating with features similar to CERAMIX: a nano-composit catachresis containing particles of ceramic material to give to the de ... (read more)


Ultrasonic soapDegreasing

Ultrasonic Soaps, Electrolytic and Electroless Degreasing

Troubleshooting plating problems always seem challenging. The ideal brilliant and luminous finish is too often compromised by black and brown spots, s ... (read more)


Medium phosphorousElectroliticExtra bright

Medium Phosphorous NICKEL Process

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Protection for accessories exposed at aggressive climatic conditions
  • Compact morphologic structure
The electrolytic process NIGLOSS-P permits to obtain a medium phosphorous nickel with a very layer morphologically-compact deposit. This assures high ... (read more)


StandardExtra brightDecorative

NICKEL Process

  • High brightness and luster finish level
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Good throwing power
The bright nickel process permits extremely bright and leveled nickel deposits together with a good throwing power. Decorative bright nickel is used i ... (read more)



COATING Additive

  • White additive for e-coating
  • Compatible with other pigments
  • Compatible with other coating texture additives
A coating additive that can be added directly to compatible coating baths, transforming the coating from transparent to opaque. When added to a transp ... (read more)


Legor also offers a line of oxidizing agents as post-treatments that are able to convey to your items an antique or aged effect. These solutions work ... (read more)


Strike palladiumTechnicalFlashAmmonia based

Standard PALLADIUM Bath

  • Ideal for strike applications
  • Traditional palladium plating electrolyte
  • Substitute for nickel in the plating process
  • Good barrier to copper migration
Strike palladium is a traditional palladium plating electrolyte for bath plating. The chemical make-up of this ammonia based product deposits a consis ... (read more)


Palladium-ironDecorativeMicronAbsence of free ammoniaNickel and cobalt free

Ammonia-free PALLADIUM-IRON Plating Bath

  • Hypoallergenic = Nickel and Cobalt Free
  • 100% REACH compliant
  • 3 micron of thickness - without intermediate processing
  • Superior Leveling Capabilities - 90/10 alloy throughout the surface
  • No Free Ammonia = pH balance
  • High resistance to metallic contamination such as copper
This palladium process uses iron as an alloy to generate a reflective, glossy, white color. This product was specifically studied to remove two proven ... (read more)


Pure palladiumDecorativeFlashAbsence of free ammonia

Ammonia-free PALLADIUM Plating Bath

  • New generation palladium formula
  • Totally absence of free ammonia
  • pH stability and easy to use
  • Thickness up to 1 micron
A new-generation palladium totally absent of free ammonia that grants extremely simple production management and an eco-friendly production approach. ... (read more)


Absence of free ammoniaNickel free


  • Cheap process
  • Flash process
  • Precious mirror like deposit
  • “L” color coordinate (luminosity) closer to that of Pd.
  • Resistant to both abrasive and climatic tests
  • Totally Nickel and Ammonia free
  • Easy to be stripped out.
PLATCORE is an innovative plating process which permits a shiny deposit of a 65% Ruthenium and 35% Platinum alloy with color close to that of Palladiu ... (read more)


Decorative and technical useThickness between 02 and 20 micron

Bagno di PLATINO

  • Platinum plating solution
  • Flexible metal concentration
  • Achievable thickness of 0.2-20.0 micron
  • Also designed for technical plating operations
This electrolyte deposits a bright grey layer which is 99.97% pure platinum. The chemistry of this bath is extremely flexible, allowing for a wide ran ... (read more)


Legor offers a complete line of strippers which ensure the easy removal of the accumulated coatings on the working rack surfaces while plating, thus r ... (read more)




  • Excellent protection from oxidization (tarnish)
  • No physical alteration to treated surface
  • Does not require electrical current
  • Chromium and heavy metal free
  • Easy to use
T-FENDER is a family of chemical passivation agents developed for metallic substrates which naturally have poor corrosion resistance. Some of these su ... (read more)


AcidicCustomizable blackThe fastest depositing rutheniumArsenic freeREACH compliant

RUTHENIUM Plating Bath | Customizable Black

  • Color range from titanium grey to extra black color
  • Economical precious metal deposit
  • Fastest depositing ruthenium electrolyte
  • Functional at temperatures lower than optimal ones
Ruthenium metallic depositions are available in different color shades from grey to extra black depending on the organic blackening agent used and its ... (read more)


AcidicDecorativeDeep blackArsenic freeREACH compliant

RUTHENIUM Plating Bath | Deep BLACK

  • Deep black color
  • Arsenic free
  • REACH Compliant
  • 5 grams per liter
  • Economical precious metal deposit
This extra black ruthenium plating electrolyte deposits a glossy layer of ruthenium metal in a jet black color. It is primarily used in decorative pla ... (read more)


DecorativeExtra white


  • High throwing power
  • Low water evaporation
  • Replenishment done with rhodium sulphate and brilliant compound
  • separately
This rhodium plating electrolyte is designed to be used in larger rhodium installations due to the minimal components needed for maintenance. This bat ... (read more)


WhiteCyanide basedLead free


  • Copper/tin/zinc alloy
  • White in color
  • Lead & nickel free
  • Barrier for copper substrates
White bronze processes are designed to replace nickel or part of gold plating as under layers across many sectors using electroplating. In decorative ... (read more)


YellowCyanide basedLead free


  • Copper/tin/zinc alloy
  • Pale yellow gold color
  • Lead & nickel free
  • Barrier for copper substrates
This is a cyanide based yellow bronze bath and has been designed as a nickel free barrier layer on top of copper substrates. Yellow bronze allows the ... (read more)

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