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Here is the place to share frames of daily Legor life! We are PEOPLE that live this PLANET and point toward a sustainable PROFIT. In other words, we are constantly self-transforming persons that wish to be happy, by caring for ourselves, each others and the world we live in. So besides the metals' solutions that we conceive and produce, here is what more we have to say to you!

Sustainability and energetic sources

The fifth birthday of our photovoltaic implant prompts us to see all the steps we made during this time regarding sustainability in Legor Group.

But what does sustainability mean?

Treccani says:

In environmental and economical sciences, it's the condition of a development able to assure the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the future generations.

It's often represented as the intersection point of the "3P": People, Planet and Profit.

In our case we talk about Legor Group's responsibilities towards the work of the people and the communities where we operate, towards the natural resources available to us and the value of the work and a sensible development in the future.  

The first P we want to talk about is the Planet, in particular nowadays our focus is the natural resources.

Let's think about the realization of the photovoltaic as a starting point.

In these 5 years the energy produced by the plant has been consumed for over 92%, which it corresponds to 546t of CO2 avoided, meaning 3642 trees equivalent to 498 barrels of oil saved.

These might be numbers hard to understand, but to give an idea Italy produces 358 kton per year (2016 unfounded source)



In the energetic sector we focused on saving, in fact optimizing consumptions means using what is actually necessary: another project has been the substitution of all light sources in the company with LED lamps. This allowed us to increase and make better lighting both internal and external, at the same time reducing energy consumption dedicated to this us of the 50%. 

On the occasion of the restyling of the exterior of the company, much importance was given to the reduction of the resources necessary for the heating and cooling of the company.

Since 01/01/2018 has company has been supplied on by certified energy from sustainable sources!   

But it's not all, there are many more challenges ahead and we are already working on other resources: air and water!

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