• Metallurgy and Plating: a Case Study by Legor

  • Legor for the Planet | CoC Certification and 100% Recycled Metals

  • 2020 Company presentation - Legor Group S.p.A.

  • "We are back" - Legor vs COVID-19

  • Legor 40 years party

  • PLANT A SEED - Legor green event

  • Gianni Poliero - The soul of Legor

Master Alloy TV

  • CLEANFLOW: How to use it!

  • How to save in rhodium and palladium for my white gold production? Discover NF642!

  • How to cast platinum?

  • How does age hardening work?

  • CLEANFLOW, the innovative casting system - How it works

  • CLEANFLOW: Nuovi Gioielli interview

Master Alloy Knowledge Bites

  • Thermal properties of an Alloy | Knowledge Bites 11

  • Mechanical Properties of an Alloy | Knowledge Bites 10

  • Hardness of an Alloy | Knowledge Bites 9

  • Color of an Alloy | Knowledge Bites 8

  • Silver in White Gold Alloys - Knowledge Bite 7

  • Silver in Yellow Gold Alloys - Knowledge Bites 6

  • Reusing Alloys in Casting - Knowledge Bites 5

How to: investment casting

  • Preparation and burnout cycle (1/5)

  • Pre mixing (2/5)

  • Melting and pouring (3/5)

  • De-vesting and pickling (4/5)

  • Quenching red gold 750‰ (5/5)


  • PTLUX: The Alternative to Rhodium

  • PTLUX: The Alternative to Rhodium

  • PTLUX | The Whitest Platinum on the Market

  • EASY-COAT PRO, the new cataphoretic paint by Legor Group

  • Rhodium in Practice - discover Legor RH2Z and RH1RT

  • Rhodium in Theory - discover Legor RH2Z and RH1RT

  • How to fight the increase in rhodium and palladium price? Discover PLATCORE™

Plating Knowledge Bites

  • Sustainable Plating Products by Legor | Knowledge Bites 3

  • Discover Legor Solutions to Fight the Increase in Rhodium Price | Knowledge Bites 2

  • Legor E-coating solutions | Knowledge Bites 1

Webinar - Master Alloy

  • Success for your Mechanical Working Process on Gold Jewelry


  • What they say about us: Ariel Garagorri on SILNOVA®

  • What they say about us: Pierangelo Pozzi on SILNOVA®

  • SILNOVA® Potassium sulphide | comparative test

  • SILNOVA®: The real-life tested, fearless silver

  • SILNOVA - The new Silver

No limits plating project

  • The Gold-plating Pasta Challenge

  • Holiday Edition!

  • Plating door handles!

  • iPhone with fashion finishings!

  • Gold accents on your guitar!

  • Precious pen restyle!

  • Give new life to an old belt buckle!

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