How to Face the Drastic Increase in Rhodium Price? Choose PTLUX (PATENT PENDING)

Nowadays rhodium price is increasing exponentially. Companies in the jewelry and fashion accessories sector need to make a choice: increase prices, change materials, or find new solutions.

Legor Group and its highly advanced R&D laboratory are always looking for new ways to meet the market requests.

To face the drastic increase in rhodium price, which as of today* has reached 500 EUR/g, we come to you with an alternative: PTLUX, a new plating process that that makes possible the electrodeposition of platinum bonded in alloy with a minor percentage of ruthenium.

PTLUX has been developed with the aim of obtaining a precious white finishing, even whiter than pure platinum, at a lower price compared to rhodium and less subject to market fluctuations

*data for January 2021

What are the features of this alloy?

  • Whiter color compared to pure platinum (reduction of b* coordinate)

  • Further savings compared to pure platinum deposition

  • Easy to use

  • Good performance as intermediate layer before the final color finishing

PTLUX: The Alternative to Rhodium