Through the new recent alliance with Argentium International, Legor Group is now the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of the high performance Argentium Silver grain.

Collaboration between the two companies has already seen significant improvements in the Argentium 960 and the new 940 alloys, with each alloy now having a highly improved grain microstructure - giving even greater tarnish resistance and increased hardness and durability.
Argentium Silver grain has been rigorously tested, and its quality will continue to be monitored and controlled in production by the outstanding facilities at Legor.

Significant changes have been made in the branding of the new alloys, giving a stronger and clearer marketing message for Argentium Silver. ARGENTIUM EXCEL™ 940 and 960 from Legor Group SpA offer a range of unique benefits to consumers and manufacturers alike. These high performance alloys are available as casting and millform grain - answering all possible manufacturing requirements, and are supported by soldering and welding materials, along with a range of findings and chains.

Legor Group’s ‘Premium Silver Line’ now offers a comprehensive portfolio of silver products to support every designer, consumer and manufacturer’s need.