5w's of QR Label on Rhodium Bottle

What is a QR Label on a Legor Rhodium bottle – It is a combination of a temper proof hologram and a Quick Response Code (QR Code) printed on it. Every bottle of Legor’s Rhodium plating products sold in India will carry this additional label. It helps build reliability of the product with the customer.

Why a need for an additional authenticity label for Rhodium products – When a customer buys something that is now almost 10 times more expensive than Gold, they want to be doubly sure about the genuineness of the bottle. They need to be assured that what was produced at Legor, Italy and what arrived at Precious, India is exactly what is coming to them, at the end of supply chain, in spite of few change of hands in between the chain.

How should I use it to verify the bottle – The process is very simple.

Just scan the QR Code on the label, using your smart phone camera. In most cases, it will give the pop of the embedded link in it. You may even use any QR Code scanning app to access it, in case there is an issue with the QR reading feature of the phone camera.

When you click the link, it will take you to Precious Alloys’ website, that will ask you to input your mobile number.

As a next step you will get an OTP (One Time Password) on the mobile number you have entered, as you will validate it, the website will authenticate your product, showing you the Month and Year of import.

When has this process started – This process was launched at the recently concluded IGJME show at Mumbai from  13-16th Feb 2020. As such all products distributed after that event will carry this label on the Rhodium bottle.

Who should I contact in case of an issue – In case there is an issue with authentication process or any other related complaint, you may contact the Precious Alloys office. The email address and contact numbers are also provided on the authentication page of the website.