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C’est ici qu’on peut partager les fragments de la vie quotidienne de Legor ! Nous sommes des PERSONNES qui vivent dans cette PLANÈTE et qui tendent vers un PROFIT durable. Autrement dit, nous sommes des personnes en évolution constante qui souhaitent être heureux en prenant soin de nous-mêmes, des autres et du monde dans lequel nous vivons. Donc, en plus des solutions métalliques que nous concevons et produisons, voici tout ce que nous avons à dire encore !

Facing Covid-19: Legor Rises to the Challenge

Vicenza, April 2020

The COVID-19 emergency is putting the whole world to the test. We are faced with a situation that requires courage, responsibility and innovation. These are intrinsic values ​​in Legor's corporate culture; values ​​that are reflected in our everyday work. Now, more than ever, we want to show those values in practice.

We believe it is fundamental at this moment to keep our first two values ​​fixed: Customer Care and Innovation.
We must take care of the whole Legor community: the people, our customers, our suppliers and our whole community.
Innovation, because in this historical moment it is necessary to invent new methods of work, and communication, while maintaining the dynamism that is typical of Legor and of all the people who are part of it.

Our third value, Teamwork, guides us in defining our current focus: communication.

From the beginning, we have believed that good communication and thoughtful planning could protect the people who are part of Legor and their families, and make the company work in a healthy way: for this reason LegorSafe was created, a website created ad hoc to ensure excellent two-way communication between all the members of the Legor community.

Since day 0, Legor has been concerned with providing masks and disinfectants for the entire company, limiting any contact that could be considered risky, and communicating with clarity and detail the national directives for the best possible prevention.

At all times, we have maintained high levels of communication, through the dedicated website, updating internal procedures, and conducting brief information meetings at each of the various workstations.

Rosy, graphic designer, in smart-working mode

But what is life like in Legor now that the company is closed?

Well, we have implemented the smart-working mode wherever possible, especially to ensure our customers receive the support necessary for their businesses.

As Micol, Customer Promise team Co-Manager tells us: “Working from home we discovered we can be close to each other and to our customers in new, smarter ways. We will definitely come back to the office as a stronger team, ready for the challenges ahead of us".



How has Legor taken care of its collaborators?

Legor wants to be even closer to the people who are part of it and who work every day to make the company what it is. For this reason, the company has taken advantage of the integration fund for the COVID-19 emergency granted by the Cura decree Italy, while intervening to integrate part of the remuneration of the people of the Legor team. This is a significant expense for the company, but necessary in this difficult moment, so our words about supporting the future of Legor are supported by actions.

The main value on which Legor is based is Customer Care, and every single person who is part of the Legor community is deeply important to us, and fundamental to the recovery that will surely take place. So Legor is taking action in all possible ways to ensure that the company, even if experiencing setbacks, remains alive and active with a positive outlook and confidence in the future, ready to bring its competence back to the game, focusing on the innovation and continuous improvement typical of Legor and our team. 

Our Customer Promise Team

Vanessa, Legor front-desk receptionist

The Poliero family

In these moments, it is not sufficient to look solely in our own backyard. No company or individual is truly alone. Especially in these difficult moments for our territory, our nation and the whole world, we must recognize we are in this together. Our fifth and final value speaks of Individual Responsibility; responsibility towards others and the environment. Companies cannot prosper without the support of the larger communities. The Poliero family has therefore decided to make a donation as Legor to the San Bortolo hospital in Vicenza. Hospitals are now more than ever the center of this battle for the return of the life that we all know, and it is in this context that a contribution in the form of a donation to the Vicenza hospital was deemed vital.

The global pandemic has caused tremendous suffering, sadness, and anxiety. But as people who continuously examine the ways to deliver Customer Care, to be Innovative, to embrace Teamwork, and to practice Individual Responsibility, we also realize that every situation we face brings the opportunity for personal and professional growth, deepening of interpersonal connections, and the awakening of creativity. In the end, we are not defined by the difficulties we face, but by the ways we choose to respond to those difficulties.

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