Legor at Green Week Festival as a guest of the panel “Luxury: the circular world of precious metals”

The twelfth edition of Green Week has just ended, the showcase of green-thinking promoted by ItalyPost, Symbola and Corriere della Sera in which Massimo Poliero, CEO of Legor participated – together with some members of Confindustria Cisambiente, Lem Industries and Unoaerre Industries – on the occasion of the panel "Luxury: the circular world of precious metals " which took place in Parma, last Friday May 5th.

The event focused on how sustainability in the world of luxury and in the world of beauty, generated by goldsmith craftsmanship, passes from a circular approach that sees the recycling of precious metals and their reuse at the center to give shape to new alloys and plating solutions that Legor produces and that companies like Lem Industries and Unoarre Industries can in turn use to finish and recreate, respectively, fashion accessories and jewellery.

Regenerate to create new value: this is the common thread that connects those companies in the luxury chain that look to the future responsibly. A principle that Legor fully espouses, combining the responsible supply of precious and non-precious metals for the creation of its products, the social commitment, the protection of its employees and the environment. An ethical approach to business inherent in the company's DNA, which this year writes down its commitment by becoming a Benefit Company.

An interesting meeting occasion, therefore, which underlined how Luxury is increasingly synonymous with uniqueness and quality but also with respect for nature and the environment.

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