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C’est ici qu’on peut partager les fragments de la vie quotidienne de Legor ! Nous sommes des PERSONNES qui vivent dans cette PLANÈTE et qui tendent vers un PROFIT durable. Autrement dit, nous sommes des personnes en évolution constante qui souhaitent être heureux en prenant soin de nous-mêmes, des autres et du monde dans lequel nous vivons. Donc, en plus des solutions métalliques que nous concevons et produisons, voici tout ce que nous avons à dire encore !

Legor for the Planet: find out our action plan to protect the sustainability of the environment we live in

The word is sustainability. The world's attention is increasingly focused on the need to respect and preserve the Earth we live in for future generations.
One of the founding principles of Legor is CARE: taking care of the world around us and the people who live in it.

Legor obtains the CoC Chain of Custody certificate

CoC stands for Chain of Custody. Thanks to this certification, we are able to guarantee the integrity and check every single step from source to retail of the entire production chain.
Each link of this chain is critical to ensure that the metals are tracked and come only from certified sources.

The CoC standard defines the requirements for the creation of the chain of custody of precious metals from the mine to the final consumer, ensuring that the various stages from processing to marketing take place in a responsible manner.

Everyone in the CoC applies the standard principles and requirements, which are regularly verified by independent RJC-accredited audit firms.

RJC stands for Responsible Jewellery Councila non-profit organization founded in 2005 by some of the world's most important brands to define the "best practices" for responsible business in the gold and watch industry.

In 2012 RJC introduces a new method to authenticate responsible businesses in the jewelry world: the CoC.

To date, compared to more than 1,000 companies that are part of the RJC, only a little more than a hundred are certified.

Legor chose to be CoC certified during the pandemic when we questioned our supply sources by choosing to introduce only recycled metals into production, which we demonstrated in December 2020 during the CoC / CoP integrated audit.

Why we recycle and how we do it

The world of metals has been heavily affected by the pandemic, the surge in prices and supply difficulties are challenges that we have been facing every day for some time now.

For some years Legor has been buying part of its precious metals coming almost exclusively from refining (Au and Ag, Pt and Pd) and therefore not from mines.

For Legor, purchasing recycled metals is primarily an ethical choice: reusing the existing allows us to preserve natural resources and impact less on our planet already harassed by mankind. It means avoiding waste and its production.

How to do it? It is a continuous search for existing suppliers but also for new suppliers. It means redefining our specifications, activating Due Diligence processes that oblige us and our counterparties to a closer level of knowledge and information sharing.

The political world itself is moving in this direction, promoting legislation that encourages the circular economy: the European regulations on the End of Waste.

Precious metals 100% recycled in Legor Group S.p.A.

But we didn't stop with RJC CoC certification for tracking gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. We have raised our standard so that all these precious metals are 100% recycled, setting a new standard!

Sustainability in plating processes in the jewelry sector

"We do not inherit the world from our fathers, but we borrow it from our children."

What Legor aims to do is to ensure prosperity for the current generation without compromising future generations, leaving our children a better world than we found it.

In plating processes this can result in minimizing the dangerous substances present in the galvanic baths while guaranteeing the same, if not a better, result, with the lowest possible environmental impact.

The path is made up of small but continuous steps, in our case: the photovoltaic system in 2014, ISO 14001 certification in 2015, 100% green energy certified since 2018, the recycling of over 90% of process water in 2020.

RJC CoC certification with valuable raw materials from 100% recycled sources in 2021 is another piece of this puzzle.

The next steps towards sustainability

Legor is committed to calculating its carbon footprint by the end of 2021 to define our next goals aimed at achieving a positive carbon footprint.

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