JME Kolkata: a technical seminar from our Special Partner Precious Alloys India

In this article Himanshu Kanwar, our colleague from Precious - India, tells us about JME, a technical seminar organized in the potential market of Kolkata in the Eastern part of India.

It is well known that when one works in harmony with Nature, a seed sown and nurtured, bears good flower and fruit. We experienced it! 

The idea of creating JME Kolkata, independently, was sown about 5 months ago. With patience and perseverance, we kept working at it, not giving up, in spite of countless challenges, while going through the ups and downs of this sine wave like journey.

We choose a market, where we did not have as much presence – the metropolitan city of Kolkata, on the banks of Hooghly river, in the Eastern part of India. The objective was not to sell, however to really add value to the regional jewellery manufacturers’ and to build a connect with them. And what better way to do it, than by sharing our learning and "expert support", in this potentially large base of traditional jewellery manufacturing.

The first real hurdle was choosing a right date and venue. The regional nuances and some political situation, kept tossing the dates, when 5 weeks ago, we finally closed it for 6th Feb 2020. We were fortunate to find a benefactor in the form of the Mr Bengani, Chairman of Ankurhati Gems & Jewellery Welfare Association. His guidance proved helpful in settling things in place. 

The chances of seeing success with a post lunch, mid-week, seminar did not appear very high initially, however when you go with the attitude, that even a failure is an opportunity to learn, one tends to emerge victorious only. So setting ourselves a humble goal of inviting at least 35-40 guests, we started the execution phase of our plan. With a slew of meetings and visits on ground by our local representative, Indraneel and full support from the marketing team of Kriishh and Sneha, we saw the efforts blossoming into success. We received expression of interest to attend the technical symposium from over 100 people!


In a short span of time, the marketing collaterals were created, the invites were printed, the seminar presentations were prepared, mock runs were done, tele-calling confirmations were sought, venue and high tea arrangements were put together. Piece by piece everything started falling in place and our champions for the day, guest speakers, Rakesh and Akshay, were by now fully ready to deliver the promise.

While we started with a mix of anxiety and enthusiasm, the final day turned out much better than we thought. The turnout was excellent – in spite of the venue being in one corner of the city, over 85 people attended the event, beating the traffic snarls. The speakers delivered so well that the audience were in rapt attention for the entire duration of over 3 hours. They kept on asking questions, we went on patiently answering and explaining. The seeds of future engagement were deeply sown by now.

The dusk in the sky, meant a new dawn for us – a beginning where we saw the seeds of vision and effort bearing fruit; where we anchored our position in the hearts of people as their “technical friend”; where our first steps bore great outcome, albeit the time it took. The cherry on the cake came in the form of feedback from attendees and the print coverage, in local newspaper, the following day. We now feel even more confident about our approach and the value that we deliver for our customers.

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