gold line

Gold alloys

  • Master alloys: yellow, white, red
  • Pre-master alloys
silver line

Silver alloys

  • Ready-to-use alloys
  • Master alloys
precious line

Platinoid alloys

platinum and palladium
  • Ready-to-use alloys
  • Master alloys
fashion line

Alloys for the fashion industry

Copper based alloys
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Alpacas raw metals.
joininig line

Alloys for brazing and soldering

  • Gold brazing pastes
  • Ready-to-use alloys
  • Master alloys
  • Soldering powders for chain making
prime line

Semi-finished products and raw materials

  • Raw materials
  • Non-precious semi-finished items
prime line

Powmet metallic powders for additive manufacturing

Ultrapure metallic powders with a guaranteed title and extra-fine and homogenous particle size, specifically developed for additive manufacturing processes (3d print) for the goldsmith sectors.

Powders belonging to POWMET are: precious powders at title of gold alloy and silver alloy; non-precious powders of bronze and steel.

prime line

The new silver alloy that keeps its light over time. Naturally.

Without any galvanic treatment, equal to a gold alloy, and 20 times longer than standard Sterling silver, SILNOVA ® keeps being bright over time. Eye-catcher thanks to its unique color, white and very shiny, it is visibly different from any other silver in the market.

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